Actually, I think you can do #1 easily as well, with a different command.
Treat it like a keylink, and you can specify the resource you want it to open in.

libronixdls:keylink|ref=[en]bible:<Book>%20<Chapter>%3A<Verse>|res=(Libronix internal resource name, with no parenthesis)

You find the resource name through making that resource the active window, then HELP>ABOUT THIS RESOURCE. The resource name is what's listed in the file address under resource location, minus other file info. eg. The Oxford Bible commentary shows F:\Libronix\Resources\OXBIBCOM.LSF, so the name you'd want at the end of the command above is OXBIBCOM.

However, as Joe says, you'd either have to create 12 links. Hey, may be it can be done with a collection too.

Make a collection of your selected commentary, name it, and use that name in this. I have to get off line, but I'll test it and see if it works.