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Thread: Sync-ing notes between desktop and laptop

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    Default Sync-ing notes between desktop and laptop

    I have both a laptop and a desktop, and have BW notes on both. Does anyone have experience syncing up their notes between two systems? Can you just drop the notes folder from one into the other, or will that overwrite pre-existing things?

    For example, if one of the sub-folders is ROM with a note called 1_1.bww, and I then copy the whole notes folder from my other system (which also includes a sub-folder ROM, but no 1_1.bww file) will that file survive? Or does every sub-folder get completely erased and written over?

    With the advent of BW7's power editor, I find myself taking a lot more notes, and I want them on both systems.

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    If anyone else knows of better syncing software, please share. I've only recently tried to figure some of this out. I know there are commercial programs that do it, but Microsoft offers a bonus piece of software and if you play with that you may find that the works....
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    Default Multiple notes

    This is a challenging problem. Challenging because it is so easy to overwrite your new notes. Here are a couple of things to think about. The correct answer is up to how you work best.

    1) Keep separate notes directories, one for your laptop files and one for your desktop files. Each folder can be on both systems. This is pretty easy with the new multiple notes features in BW7. Of course, it is easy to enter notes in the wrong folder, though.

    2) Use synchronization software. That isn't a bad idea. As long as you check carefully how it works and how it determines what files get the priority.

    3) Use the same folder name on both systems, but be sure to copy the entire folder every time you switch computers. It doesn't give much wiggle room if you forget to update the files, since then you have two competing files.

    Don't forget to keep backups of each folder set. It may very well save your notes some day.


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    Thumbs up Excellent syncing freeware

    Hi, Mike and anyone else interested,

    Allway sync is a fabulous freeware program. It is highly configurable, I've never had it goof, it will sync deletions, additions, and changes. Its free. Did I say it is awesome?

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    This is my own thread, and I have now found The Solution. is the site, and has a demo video.

    I've been using the beta, and it's smooth. Don't know when it will be widely available, but there will be free accounts with 1 Gig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Spackman View Post
    This is my own thread, and I have now found The Solution...
    Both pieces of software thus far mentioned seem to be pretty cool, and appear to be specifically tasked to the question at hand.

    However, I'll just throw another piece of software into the ring, which not only has a synching feature with multiple options, but is also a complete file management software system, allowing you to do virtually anything imaginable. It is called EF Commander. I've owned it for years and have continued to receive free updates throughout those years. You can find it here --

    As I say, I have been using it for years to synch my files, including my BW Notes, Init, ASE, and other folders, as it also allows you to define specific filters for each task.

    It's not freeware, but it's worth a look.

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    SyncBack and SyncBackSE are also excellent at syncing files, whether that be locally-hosted files, or website files.

    SyncBack is the freeware app and SyncBackSE is the one you have to pay for.


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    I use foldershare and it is free and automatic. When I'm at my office I open BW and put some notes in. I go home and work at night on it and there they are. Add more. Take my notebook on the road and connect the internet and wait about a minute after it connects and all my notes are synced up without any problem. Also syncs my docs, my Logos folder, my favorites, my Word template and custom.dic file. They have occasional outages of service but it is running and fine about 98 percent of the time. Also, with an account I can access any computer that has foldershare running and is connected to the Internet. So I can log into my home PC from work or on the road and get files off the hard drive outside my sync folders, like videos and pictures.

    Only limitation is 10,000 files and 10 sync libraries.
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    Kevin, you're talking about Windows Live FolderShare Beta? But I annotate individual verses. Though Notes is one folder, it has dozens of subfolders. Wouldn't FolderShare's limit of ten shared folders cut in pretty quickly?

    Philip Brown: same question about Allway Sync.
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    Ben, maybe a lame question, but my main concern.

    I do my main work on a desktop, and want to sync to a laptop.

    How do I make sure what updates/overwrites what?

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