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Thread: Sync-ing notes between desktop and laptop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Phillips View Post
    I do my main work on a desktop, and want to sync to a laptop. How do I make sure what updates/overwrites what?
    Most synch programs use the file stamp to determine which is newer and which is older. Some synch programs offer options on this as well, but generally speaking, the more recent file will overwrite the less recent file.

    IOW, the file that was saved last will overwrite the file that was saved earlier than it.

    Thus, when you synch between laptop/desktop, the synch program will automatically replace the older files with the newer ones, regardless of which computer they are on.

    For example, if you updated the notes in Romans 1:1 on your desktop, then went over to your laptop and updated the notes in Galatians 1:1, when you synch the two, each of the newer files will be placed respectively on the laptop/desktop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Phillips View Post
    Kevin, you're talking about Windows Live FolderShare Beta? But I annotate individual verses. Though Notes is one folder, it has dozens of subfolders. Wouldn't FolderShare's limit of ten shared folders cut in pretty quickly?
    Not it isn't a problem since the 10 shares is ten folders at the top level. It doesn't count the subfolders. So if you have 66 folders all in a folder called BW Notes, and you share the BW Notes folder it will only count as 1 folder. There is also a limit of I think 10,000 files so that could be problem. But for me, so far, it has not beena problem at all. It syncs all my folders in my BW Notes folder which I put in the Documents folder and tell BW to find it there.
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    Just a note- Dropbox is now available to the general public, free 1 gig accounts. It's incredibly easy and works cross-platform without any problems (Mac-PC-Linux). Setup is easy.

    Demo movie and signup at

    (and no, they're not paying me anything. I just like it )

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