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    Red face BW7 and my Classics work

    This is how I've used set up so far for doing some of my classics work. As you can see I use Perseus to keep track of parsing and such and then I use the BW editor to keep all of my notes in one place and I also keep open the LSJ Lexicon to chase after words when Perseus' lexicon doesn't work the way I want it to. The editor has autosave features and it handles Unicode font like a charm. I have yet to have it crash on me in many, many hours of translating.

    The big plus for me is that I keep all of my grammatical and vocabulary notes on the computer so they're available for later when I have the Plato Greek texts loaded into BW. It's much easier keeping track of vocab this way rather than writing it all in a notebook or on sheets of paper. Also I copy words from the Perseus in Unicode to the Editor in Palatino Linotype (my current favorite Unicode font) and so not only do I have my notes there working well, but they're also in Unicode, which keeps an eye on preserving them for the future whenever computers decide to fully use Unicode.

    (sorry the picture is small, i guess I am exceeding my upload quota)
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