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    Default BW 7 Default Screen Setup

    As mentioned over in BW7 the Teaser here's a screen shot of the default layout to BibleWorks 7. You're going to love it once you try it.

    As Ben mentioned
    It's got some major changes that take a little getting used to. I complained at first, but over the two months or so of beta testing, I have grudgingly come around to realizing that they were right to make them. I think it's great!
    The Screen layout is designed to flow from left to right. You start on the left with searches and so forth then flow to the center to read the text and consult the right-hand column to do the rest.

    When it first opens you'll be a little surprised but once you get going you'll start to appreciate the thoughts behind setting it up this way.

    Before you get upset, YES you can make it look very much like BW6 but please, please, please give this layout a fair shake. You'll grow to like it as much as I did.
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