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    Wink BW 7- The teaser

    Mike sent an email to the beta testers today- Beta testing is done, the muzzle is off the testers, and we're free to talk about it. I assume that meant on-line too, which is great, cause I can't say enough good about it.

    According to Mike's last email, the files for BW 7 have gone to the cd-producer, and it should be available soon. They'll make an official anouncement next week.

    It's got some major changes that take a little getting used to. I complained at first, but over the two months or so of beta testing, I have grudgingly come around to realizing that they were right to make them. I think it's great!

    My favorite new stuff-
    1) The new notes/editor is everything you've dreamed of. Keep chapter AND verse notes simultaneously. Make pop-up scripture references and hyperlinks to the web, or other files or programs. Insert pictures. Type in Unicode.

    2) Grammars! There are a bunch of new grammatical resources for Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek. Some are standard (like Metzger's textual commentary on the Greek New Testament) and others are new modules (like Blass and Degrunner's NT Grammar).

    3) Every reference in the grammars, lexicons, etc., is a pop-up now, and you can customize two sets of Bibles to pop-up when you mouse over the reference (ie. I can mouse over and pop up the WTT, NRS, and KJV, or hold shift, mouse over and pop up WTT, LXT, TAR, etc.) This makes the lexicons very powerful. Great stuff.

    4) Tabs- The command center now has 12 tabs on it, each one maintining its own search, verse, and version history. Forget new results windows. This is much much better.

    5)External links- You can edit the right-click menus and send information out of the program. This means I now have a two-click process to open commentaries to a particular verse in other programs. I have a two-click process to look up a KJV word in Webster's 1828 and the Oxford English dictionary on-line.

    There's tons of other new stuff. New databases, new tools, new functionality, ease of use.

    In short, it's great and it's virtually here.
    Begin drooling now
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