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Thread: Technical question: upgrade from v4?

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    Default Technical question: upgrade from v4?


    I have BibleWorks 4.0r2, and would like to buy version 7 - but I'm a little concerned about the upgrade process, because I've had trouble installing some of the free patches on this computer.

    If I buy the upgrade edition of BibleWorks 7, would I need to install v4, then put version 7 on top of it, or do I just need to "show" the installer that I still have a license key and CD?

    I'm always a little paranoid about programs that require additional materials to install; Since it's not explicitly mentioned on the website, I also want to make sure the 30-day trial period applies to upgrade editions as well, in case something goes wrong.

    Thank you,
    -Ed Brannin

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    Default "Upgrade" = New version

    You sould be relieved to know that upgrading w/ BibleWorks is very simple.

    When you place your order for 7.0 you will have to supply your serial number or 4.0 to get the upgrade price.

    You will recieve in the mail a full 7.0 program (several CDs).

    You can then proceed to install 7.0 on any computer you own even if that computer never had BibleWorks installed on it before.

    If you do have 4.0 installed on the computer you are wanting to install 7.0 on, it would be best to uninstall 4.0 first.

    See this thread for Mark Eddy's helpful explanation:
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