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Thread: Screen layout for GK NT translation

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    Default Screen layout for GK NT translation

    Kindly suggest screen layouts useful for translating GK NT.

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    Default Translation screens


    I use dual monitors and I have come to love this method. I am new to BibleWorks, but so far I am crazy about the editor and the ability to save in RTF (rich-text). I extend the window over to the second monitor and then I can open whatever resource I prefer (Graphical Search, lexicon etc.). The screenshot is huge so it may not come out the clearest, but dual monitors are really a cheap accessory now. $50 video card, and 1 extra monitor with the same resolution.
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    Default Another suggestion

    I do have dual monitors, but one of the things I like about BW7 is how well it keeps all the info I need on a single screen. When I do pop up a lexicon or synopsis window or graphical search, I do move it on to the other monitor.
    In any case, look for the directions for BW7 I give on THIS PAGE for what I suggest to my Greek students. In particular:
    My Recommendations for setting up BW7 and learning its capabilities
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    I have been also using dual monitors for quite some time, I'd say it's indeed the easiest and quickest method to work with different resources simultaneously.


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