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Thread: TWOT CrossRef to Strongs

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    Post TWOT CrossRef to Strongs

    Is there any cross-reference index from Strong's numbers to TWOT as exists in the back of volume 2 of TWOT?

    How do I easily look up a Hebrew word when the one I am looking for is an obscure verb root? My seminary Hebrew is rusty.

    Am I missing it or is there some quick hyperlink from the autoinfo window to the Lexicons?


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    Default Lexical & Grammitical Help

    I don't know about the Strong's references, but I haven't had any trouble with the hyperlinks in the Lexical/Grammatical Help. On my tool-bar it is the icon that looks like three buildings or three books, different heights. When I click there the window opens to allow me to access the Lexicons and grammatical help. Then I simply double click on the one that I want to see and another window opens.

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