When I place my mouse arrow over an item in the menu bar, that specific menu is highlighted. This is normal behavior for BW and other programs such as MS Word. However, that menu item stays highlighted even after I move my mouse arrow away from it. In fact, if I run my mouse arow down the length of the menu bar, all of the menu items will remain highlighted until I perform some other action (e.g., run a search, switch between another window/program, etc.).

Additionally, if I clone BW or open the ASE, those windows open with all the menu items already highlighted.

Is this normal behavior? If not: -has anyone ever experienced this before? -any ideas on what might cause this (Is this a BW problem or something bigger)?

Steps I've already taken:
-ran my anti-virus several times including in safe mode,
-ran two different antispyware programs,
-ran CCleaner,
-ran Checkdisk

I would be greatly interested in fixes (if this is indeed a problem) that will not delete any personalize data, e.g., font settings, version favorites, & especially user notes.

Scott Wells