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Thread: Paragraphs?

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    Question Paragraphs in Psalms?

    Hi, all!

    It doesn't look like there are line or paragraph markings for the Psalms. Is that something that would come with version-specific paragraph marks? Or would that be a different feature? Or did I miss something?


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    Default Option in Copy Center Dialogue?

    I've noted the various fixes in Word listed here, but at some point it would be ideal to have an option in the copy center such as "remove paragraph markers" just like one can "remove verse numbers" etc.

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    The option flag is in the Browse Window Configuration.
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    Default Paragraphing...

    Maybe I'm a bit late in this discussion and even in a different direction to some extent, but:
    Me, personally, less interested in the Massoretic parshiy'yot paragraphing (in the HB text), nor am i looking for other paragraphing suggestions offered by publishers (would it be RSV or BHS).
    Yet, it would be perfect if I could create the paragraphing of the text by myself and not in the Word processor, but during the browsing in BW itself! It may work like the colorizing: BW should create Paragraphing Scheme file, applicable on its parent version for which it was created. Thus the paragraphing could be easily created, toggled, changed, shared by/between users and so on. The Schemes can be based either on the existent printed version, or on the personal research of the user's community.
    Any other suggestions/affirmations/controversies on the subject?
    Thanks in advance,
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