Dear BWanas,
I have really tried, but I can't see how to display, search or otherwise use the scroll names to look up anything in the Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts.
Is there some way to look up references in the scrolls using the typical names (e.g., 1QSa 1QSb 1QpHab 1QM 1QHa 1Q14 1Q15, etc.)? When I enter them on the command line, up pops "Invalid Reference."
It looks like the identical Abegg material in the Libronix product uses these typical names, but when I attempt to use the BW6 Qumran module by Abegg, it suffers from some confusing malady that exchanges these useful scroll names for some jargon I cannot translate nor use (e.g., the above book names seem in the results window to inexplicably become A02, A03, A04, etc.).
Yet one cannot enter these alphanumeric codes. For example, when I type in "A04 1:1" (exactly as seen in the results window), it does not go there, but the popup displays: "Invalid Reference" (same if I just try to go to "A04" and browse). Same if I'll type "G75 f1:1" exactly as displayed in the results window, and still nothing but a popup saying "Invalid Reference."
Sometimes when I type in the traditional alphanumeric scroll name, the popup will seem to refer to the BW mystery alphanumeric replacement. Yet when I enter that name the popup will again tell me "Invalid Reference."
Nothing in the Help under "Qumran" nor "Sectarian." Nothing in the FAQs on the website nor in previous user forum threads that I can find searching for "Qumran," etc.
Am I the only one with this problem?
How do I even look up any reference or go to a scroll to browse? For example, what about when I read in a book that refers to a particular scroll, and I can't even get there in my BW program?
It looks like one can do this normally in the Abegg Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts in the Libronix format; why not in BW?
Is there at least some kind of table available that matches the traditional scroll names with the mysterious replacements used in BW?
If my program is malfunctioning, is there not some fix or update? Yet none appears when I do a web update.
Can somebody please help me to force BW Qumran Sectarian Mss. to be more useful than merely searching on a word, etc.?