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Thread: Nice, simple daily layout

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    can you have this sort of layout in BW8? Thanks

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    Default It depends

    Quote Originally Posted by chupe View Post
    can you have this sort of layout in BW8? Thanks
    If, you mean the image attached to the first post of this thread the answer is:
    Yes, and no it depends on which version of Bibleworks you have.
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    Hey chupe,
    I see you said you have BW8. I'm sorry I don't know the answer as I use the default layout but I'm sure someone will help you. bkMitchell just misread your post.

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    Default Layout

    THis is a very helpful layout. I like the comparison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Fleener View Post
    If you click you right mouse button in the verse list box area you will see a context menu.

    In that menu you will see an option of "Verse List Box + Text" Choose this option.
    Thank you!

    kohi click test

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