I am looking for some books on the Biblical Covenants (Noah, Abraham, Sinai, Phineas, David, etc), preferably from an Academic-Evangelical perspective. Something that examines each of the covenants and spends some time examining them not only in their immediate and Biblical context but also considers the broader issue of covenant treaty forms common in the ANE and the continuity/discontinuity in these regards.

Kaiser's, "Toward an Old Testament Theology" covers much of this ground, but his (excellent) work focuses more on his presentation of the promise than discussing some of the broader issues, conflicts, and viewpoints on each of the covenants and the covenants in general. The book does not necessarily engage the New Testament to any great degree either (although I understand that

Also any books that give a good/fair summary of some of the different approaches to the covenants (covenant theology, dispensationalism, hyper-dispensationalism, etc) would be helpful as well.