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    I am interested in hearing from fellow users how they handle synopsis coloring. The system I use for print is fairly complex in that it indicates verbatim agreement with highlighting in different colors, lexical agreement with underlining in different colors, and agreement in word order by marking spaces between words with different colors. BW has some limitations in this regard in that it can't underline with anything other than black, and it can't distinguish a space to highlight or underline it separately. So until the program is altered to add these features, I have to modify my system somewhat.

    This is what I have tried on just a few verses:

    Bold color highlighting for verbatim agreement
    Lighter color highlighting with underlining for lexical agreement

    This could work well given the ability for computers to display lots of different shades of the same color, but the differences might be too subtle to easily notice. You can see the attached screen shot for my example from Matt 10:40-42 and parallels.

    What are some other things people have tried? I'm interested in refining this with other suggestions. (Either that or get Mike and Co., surely overworked but open to more work all the time, to modify the program to color more exactly.)

    Michael Burer
    Dallas Theological Seminary
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    Just a thought that occurred to me, haven't tried it:
    Create four new versions with the version compiler. All versions are taken from BGT and version 1 contains only Mt, version 2 only Mk, 3 only Lk and 4 is Jo.
    Set up the synopsis tool with these 4 versions and you can use automatic colouring using appropriate Text Comparison settings.
    Will this work?
    Best wishes
    Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
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