I am releasing Utility Box Windows as FREEWARE. I was originally going to make this a shareware product, but I just don't have time to concentrate on writing computer programs. Nor do I intend to follow through with a VLM component for BW, which I was going to write, as the ERMIE in BW8 seems to have addressed most of the categorization issues I was going to address in my VLM component.

Accordingly, you may find Utility Box Windows a useful little tool. There are, for example, quick biblical unit conversions, a mortgage calculator, and a number of other quick features for handy uses.

The only thing you must do to get the FULL USE of the program is REGISTER it. Again, it is ENTIRELY FREE, and any enhancements I MAY make to it in the future will also be ENTIRELY FREE, although I really do not intend to spend any time on it, except maybe in my hobby-like moments. For example, the calculator at present is only functional for entering numbers into the various modules. I may or may not make it fully functional in the future.

You can read the Registration blurb in the help file to register, or you can simply email me at --


with your USERNAME -- make sure you give me the EXACT way you want your USERNAME to appear in the Registration Box.

The ZIP file contains two files:

1) utility_box.exe
2) utility_box.chm

Put these two files in the same folder (any folder), and you're good to go. If you have any problems, you can reach me at the same email address above.

You may download the ZIP file at --