[Reposting as separate thread - related to "Master List of BW Add-ons" thread]

This is a great idea!

What do people think about moving this to some type of document repository? That way users can upload files themselves instead of having to constantly update this thread (which will quickly turn into a maintenance nightmare). In addition, some type of folder structure can be used to organize the different types of documents and allow people to easily find what they are looking for. I was thinking something along the lines of this:


This is just a simple little example I set up in 10 minutes using a free PHP script for a document repository. It's too bad that vBulletin (the software running this forum) doesn't have the capability to do this - it would be ideal to be integrated into these forums. But I'm sure there's a better PHP document repository script out there that includes comments and other features like that.

In terms of hosting, I can see 3 main options:
1. Hosted at Bibleworks.com. This would be by far the ideal solution, but would require BW staff and space and bandwidth etc. What do you guys think? It would be awesome to have this as an official BW repository and the BW site has the most visibility and bandwidth and likelikhood for people to participate. BW is already known as a great software product with great staff support - how cool to extend that to include an officially supported collaboration repository for users to share files...
2. If BW doesn't go for that, a bunch of us could register a site like www.bwusers.com or something like that. I know of some cheap hosting services that wouldn't be too bad if a few of us went in together and we could set up a bunch of admins so that many of us can monitor it and make sure its working correctly. I'd have no problem setting this up.
3. Some individual could host it. I wouldn't necessarily mind doing this, but it just doesn't seem like the ideal solution to rely on a single person and makes it much less likely to get involvement of BW users and broad visibility. But if the other options don't get support, this could be an option.

I think this has a lot of potential to grow into an amazing resource to share versions, searches, diagrams, color files, etc. - really allowing us as BW users to collaborate as we study God's Word.