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Thread: Differences in English Bible versions

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    Default Differences in English Bible versions


    Yesterday I listened to a very lengthy and very disturbing audio message at

    I use the King James Version because it is the closest English translation to our Statenvertaling.

    I do not yet have the knowledge of English Bible translations or their underlying Greek manusripts to know if what this message is saying is true or not.


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    Default That is a BIG Question!


    Greetings. If you are unfamiliar with English Bible versions then I am sure are not aware that you just asked a question that will lead to one of the most (if not the most) controversial subjects related to biblical Christianity in the English speaking world! (Some may say I am exaggerating a bit, but live in the world I grew up and in and you may not.)

    I would suggest two things.

    • Check into the sources of the audio file you listened to. Who are the speakers? What are their presuppositions? As much as you are able to determine.
    • Secondly, I would highly recommend any real discussion or interaction on this take place via email and not via the forum. (I is part of the non-Bibleworks discussion, so it is not a problem to discuss it here, but I am not sure how profitable it will be to the majority of BW users.) Maybe I am wrong, just my thought.
    To anyone who chooses to discuss this subject here. Remember to keep the discussion honoring to others and our Lord.
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