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Thread: Internet sites VERY useful for BW users!

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    Cool Internet sites VERY useful for BW users!

    What do you think to start a thread for posting
    links to Internet sites VERY useful for BW users?

    I'd like to begin with:
    Good repository of interesting texts in PDF format.
    Links to online christian books.
    Links to jewish online texts.
    Early church documents.

    ... and so on...


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    Default Annotated Bibliography of Online Research Tools

    This may cover a broader range of sites than maybe you are looking for, but here it is for those interested:
    Joe Fleener
    Home Page:

    Annotated Bibliography of Online Research Tools:

    User Created BibleWorks Modules:

    Psalm 46:11
    `#r<a'(B' ~Wra' ~yIAGB; ~Wra' ~yhi_l{a/ ykinOa'-yKi W[d>W WPr>h;

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    Default A few favorites...

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    Jim Darlack - Associate Director of Goddard Library /
    Reference Librarian at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

    Gloucester Assembly of God | Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
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    Default Super!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jdarlack
    • Site has the full text of the Mishnah, Tosefta and both the Jerusalem & Babylonian Talmud available in Unicode Hebrew! (You can even download the html files for use offline!
    • [CUT]
    Hi Jim!

    Your link list is VERY useful!

    Please, could you post more links from your bookmarks???

    A BIG thank you!


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    All - Here is my favorite list of Web Sites.

    Biblical Websites

    1. Messianic Sites

    Captain's Table -
    Messianic Music dot com -
    Order the 'Relentless' Video - -
    Welcome to the Messianic Heart -
    Zola Levitt Ministries -
    A Rood Awakening! -
    Torah Dot TV -
    Israelnet.TV -
    First Fruits of Zion -
    Lion and Lamb Ministries -
    Hebrew for Christians -

    2. Evangelical Sites

    Honest Reporting -
    Maps of Middle East -

    3. Jewish Sites

    The Temple Institute -
    Ancient Maps of Jerusalem -


    David Morris

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    Default All right!

    Thanx, Joe Fleener, for your site. i'll be back when i have leisurely time.

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    I thought this guy had some interesting stuff.

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    David, thanks for the links.
    Especially interested in the Old Testament Gateway! It's Aussie [pronounced Ozzie] origin is great, too!

    David McKay
    New South Wales

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