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Thread: Jesus' words in red text

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    [quote=Bennett B. Wethered;10033].....this has already been offered as a 'plug-in' feature for the KJV translation. Someone, a while back (on the BibleWorks Forums, though I don't know who, or what post or thread), created a downloadable plug-in, that would show the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the KJV, in red.[/quote]

    That was me. It is a color file (.clr) and I believe Michael Hanel has it posted on the BW blog.
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  2. Default where to find the red

    Thanks, Scott.

    Roger (and anyone else who wants the red), go to ; go down to the entry for April 27, 2006, entitled Color Files, and voilą, you've got it!
    In Him, Bennett B. Wethered
    Pastor, Dayspring Orthodox Presbyterian Church
    Warrenton/New Baltimore, Virginia

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    And if anyone else wants to do this for other versions, let me know and I can make those files available too. (that way everyone has a standard they can disagree with! ) Thanks to everyone who make contributions like this available to other users, we're richer for it!
    Michael Hanel
    PhD candidate Classics Univ. of Cincinnati
    MDiv Concordia Seminary
    MA Classics Washington University
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dale A. Brueggemann View Post
    Maybe we could get the sure words in red, those about which there is some doubt in pink, and those that are doubtful in gray? Just joking, although it's been done.

    Actually, I wouldn't like seeing that; I really don't like the idea of a canon within the canon that such a distinction implies.
    Millions of people, including me, like having Jesus' words in red to quickly spot a verse where Jesus is speaking. I've been reading the Bible for over 24 years by the way, and am in no way a 'Bible noob' in case anyone was wondering.

    I personally think it is kind of a rip-off for someone to charge money for a Bible program and not even give an option as simple as a red letter version of the KJV, but maybe that's just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hanel View Post
    There is always a difference between customer needs and wants and what a business can do and should do to make its product better. Let's say for the sake of argument that it takes 40 man hours to make a version highlight in red Jesus' words. Surely that can be done.
    If they think red letters aren't important options for millions who like them I'd say they aren't on top of customers needs, especially since there are many very good Bible software programs out there for free which do offer red letter options. Looks like if they're charging money for it they could even include both options, or one or the other at least.

    I was disappointed at not having red letter KJV as an option, surprised really. Thanks to Adelphos for his red letter version, I'm glad someone saw the need to have one.

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    I don't long as I can have YHWH's words in bold caps. I am not sure what to do about El Shaddai, etc.

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    Default Where...

    Here is a link to a thread on how to accomplish this:
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    I like my edition, with the words of God in black.

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    Default Amen

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Phillips View Post
    I like my edition, with the words of God in black.
    Amen Dan. And I guess you wouldn't go for gray, pink, and so forth either ;o)

    Dale A. Brueggemann

    כִּי עֶזְרָא הֵכִין לְבָבוֹ לִדְרוֹשׁ אֶת־תּוֹרַת יְהוָה וְלַעֲשֹׂת וּלְלַמֵּד בְּיִשְׂרָאֵל חֹק וּמִשְׁפָּט (Ezra 7:10)

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    Default I have typed up the Jesus words in red

    I have typed up the Jesus words in red. AND YES, they are much different from the rest of the bible. I have made the red text into handbooks
    Quote Originally Posted by Rogerman View Post
    I don't think I own a single Bible that doesn't have Jesus' words in red print, except my BibleWorks. I asked them about it and was told to either go through and highlight all His words in red, or ask here if anyone had already done that.

    Sooooo, I'm asking.



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