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  1. Issue with "hamburger" menu in Browse window using Surface Pro & mulitple monitors

    I'm running BW 10 (clean install) on my Surface Pro 3. I have two ViewSonic monitors attached to the Surface for a total of three screens (including the Surface screen). When I display BW in one of...
  2. Bibleworks with new (returning!) "Desktops" feature in Windows 10

    Some may recall that Windows used to have a "Desktops" feature like the Mac decades ago (I think) starting with Windows 3.1. I think there was an add-on later with Windows XP. At any rate, the...
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    Any new APIs exposed in BW9?

    I took the plunge and ordered BW9 (upgrading from BW8) and am eagerly awaiting its arrival (USPS says next week :)). In the meantime, the question occurred to me--are there any new APIs available...
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    More Microsoft Office integration; namely, OneNote!

    Would love to see more native/built-in support to use OneNote as a notetaker/resources collector for study.
    Windows Phone 8 app :p

    DISCLAIMER: I am a full-time employee at the MSFT corp. in...
  5. Works on my machine! Bibleworks on Windows 8 and Office 2013

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm a Microsoft employee in the Office division

    I have been using BibleWorks 8 on a Windows 8 machine with Office 2013 installed for some time with no issues whatsoever. All works...
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    Thanks for the responses! I especially love that I can name tabs in my current version. YES!
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    Where to make feature requests?

    It's probably right in front of me (as was the last thing I had a question about!) but I don't see the place to make feature requests; that is, not a bug issue but a request for a feature to either...
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    I would love to but I JUST got BibleWorks 8...sigh

    I would upgrade but I JUST got BibleWorks 8 the middle of March (I missed the $99.00 upgrade offer by 12 days, I think :(). I just can't see spending another $150.00 after < 6 mos from buying 8....
  9. Thread: IE9, Anybody?

    by SteveO

    Good to hear!

    As someone whose full-time employment is on the Microsoft Office team, I'm glad to hear you like it! :)
  10. Thread: BW and Linux

    by SteveO

    I would just have a couple of replies to this. ...

    I would just have a couple of replies to this.

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply! Most people don't take the time to do so, so it is appreciated.
    Why the gratuitious continuous reference to...
  11. Thread: BW and Linux

    by SteveO

    I think we'd have to beg to differ. Your post was...

    I think we'd have to beg to differ. Your post was anything BUT dispassionate to me. Thanks for trying, though.
  12. Another Avenue for Delivering Training Sessions

    I was thinking that the virtual classroom approach might be another delivery mechanism for the good folks at BW to provide training. There are some economical offerings out there and they could host...
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    Another suggestion?

    Could it be you have the wrong path? I note that you have "C:\Users\owner\Rod..." Shouldn't that just be "C:\Users\Rod" (i.e., no "\owner")? You shouldn't use owner but should instead use your...
  14. Thanks! I was actually wondering if there were...

    Thanks! I was actually wondering if there were interactive sessions that provided for asking questions and such? These are great resources, though. :)
  15. BibleWorks Virtual Classroom/"BibleWorks in Action" Live Demos

    Speaking of seeing BibleWorks in Action... ;)
    Are there plans in the works to deliver BW training via virtual classroom, e.g., LiveMeeting, WebEx, Skype, etc., etc.? Are there any user groups of...
  16. "How To..." help for User-created diagrams in Leedy Diagramming Module?

    I've been looking for specific help on creating my own diagrams using the diagramming module provided in BW8. In particular, when I"m in the Diagramming Window, I'm not sure how to use the "Draw a...
  17. Bible software on phones in general

    I use GPMSoft's "Bible With You" app on my (AHEM) "Windows Mobile Phone" (which I've done for years) but in general, I don't see the utility (for me) of anything more robust than reading and...
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    I see now

    Ok, what I was missing when I attempted the query previously using the GSE was to add an additional "ordering" box from "in" to BOTH "Jesus" and "Christ". I tried lamely to add a single ordering box...
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    Ok, so the responses confirm that I was at least coming to a common conclusion: I can't do that kind of query neatly with one command line query. I'm just really starting to try and learn that...
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    Simple GSE query I can't seem to create

    Just trying to learn the GSE in BibleWorks 7 (assuming it's the same in 8?).

    All I wanted to do was create a command line query where:

    the phrase "faith in + (Jesus OR Christ)" occurs.

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    I'm also having trouble seeing Greek rendered as Greek in IE

    My problem may have a variable that is actually the crux of the issue. Specifically, I'm using the great new offering on Windows Live that lets you view and edit Microsoft Office documents in a...
  22. Thanks to BW Staff

    Let me also add my "thanks" to those who have been pleased with BibleWorks. Years ago, I used another "Bible program" with the words "Windows" and "Bible" in the title :) but eventually came over to...
  23. Thread: BW and Linux

    by SteveO

    This is somewhat tangential but...

    I'm a bit dismayed to see the constant references to "Microsoft" as "Micro$oft" or "M$" with the implication that there is something wrong with a company business model of paying for software....
  24. Synchronizing Browse Windows

    To be more specific, what I was hoping for was to be able to use the mouse wheel to scroll while in parallel versions view and have all the versions scroll in synch.
    Adelphos' suggestion does work,...
  25. How to synchronize scrolling in parallel versions view?

    I apologize in advance if I missed a previous thread that answers this question (I searched but didn't find one), but I'd really like to know how I can synchronize versions within the parallel...
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