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    Sticky: I wholeheartedly agree!

    I wholeheartedly agree. In fact, every single point Julian has made is almost word for word what I would say and offer. It is crazy that we cannot get a working x64 bit version. As BWorks is my go...
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    Sticky: I haven't seen any updates since this June , 2018 post

    I'm starting to lose hope. I really, really love and use my BW10. But the x64 beta listed below doesn't work. Is there any work being done to make it work? I've posted before but have received no...
  3. 64 bit Upgrade for the software to work with next generation Apple Products

    Are there any plans to upgrade Bibleworks to operate on a 64bit computer (i.e. Apple Computers)? The next Apple upgrade will render the current version of BibleWorks unusable on Apple Products. I...
  4. Trouble right clicking on words to bring up Lemma search pop up window

    On my IMac 27 " I have BWorks 10 version 10-19. On my laptop I have BWorks 10-34. On my IMac version I can right click on a word in Greek or Hebrew and a pop up window appears allowing me to choose...
  5. Latest Upgrade on Mac Installer messed up my BWorks 10

    Greetings, I installed the latest Mac Installer to update my BW10 files. Much to my chagrin, now my BW10 isn't working properly. The program loads, but the tabs, etc. are so small I'd need a...
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    Problems with BW10 upgrade

    Greetings everyone. I purchased today the BW10 Upgrade for MAC. I chose the download version. My problem is I've tried to follow the instructions, but they are not as straightforward as I'd like. ...
  7. What a wonderful response...

    I thought your response was powerful. I've always found it paradoxical that Christians would act in such a non Christ-honoring manner in a Christian environment. One can only imagine what kind of...
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