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  1. Finding qamets khatuf

    Along the same line as trying to search for all iota-subscripts in Greek; I'm trying to figure out the syntax for finding every qamets khatuf in Hebrew.
  2. arcing in version 10

    Here's my vote for both of these. On the "arcing," otherwise known as propositional analysis, I would rather see a robust application of this than the watered down version on
  3. Browse showing context

    I wholeheartedly concur; its pretty much the only reason I go to a browse window. I've asked for this in the past but got no takers. Join the cause if you would like this as an option or as default
  4. Need NB Lingua Workstation

    You do need the NB Lingua Workstation for Greek and Hebrew. I'm a long-time Nota Bene user and recommend it wholeheartedly.
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    How to submit typeo

    The place is for user forum; however, BW provides a really handy way to submit typos, following this menu:
    HELP/BibleWorks on the Internet/Submit typo to BW
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    Folly of April fools jokes

    Great response; and I too got it "out of season," since I was in Singapore at the time.
  7. Tov-Polac MT/LXX

    Yes, the results are only as accurate and thorough as the alignment that Tov and Polak embedded in the database.
  8. Isolated Flash problem

    I've never heard of this happening for anyone else, and have had no such problem with BW installs, whether updating, upgrading, reinstalling, or new install on new computer. BW install always works a...
  9. Fantastic "tutorial" on Heb/LXX/NT

    I do this frequently; however, I've never thought of just making a matrix-table to compile results when I do (fur dumm! :p).
  10. LXX/Hebrew equivalents

    This is not using the graphical search engine, but here's a quick way:

    Resource menu
    Parallel Hebrew - LXX (i.e., Tov-Polak module)
    Find LXX/Hebrew equivalents (3rd icon)
    Enter κρίνω...
  11. Flash install (ugh!)

    This heads-up is probably useful on the forum; and I'll watch for it myself.

    This should be sent to BW service; we forum members don't exactly control how installs work ;o) You did us a favor...
  12. LXX has ἐκκλησία for the Hebrew קָהָל

    Resources menu
    Parallel Hebrew = LXX
    Find Hebrew - LXX equivalents (3rd icon on menu bar)
    Type in ἐκκλησία and קָהָל in the Greek and Hebrew search boxes.
    It gives you 70 hits, which you...
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    English with Greek/Hebrew

    One way to do that is to search your English words in the NASB (NAU), which is tagged with the Strong's Concordance numbers. That system links each word to the Hebrew or Greek behind it. To do that,...
  14. Lots to learn in BW

    I've been known to ask an "obvious" question on these forums in the past. BibleWorks is a complex and powerful program--and these forums are a font of ready help.
  15. Search with verse proximity

    To find Paul and Barnabas within five verses of each other:

    .paul barnabas;5

    That and other "Command Line Examples" can be found under the search bar's TOOL menu.
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    Strong's Hebrew

    For Strong's numbers, search on .*@01241 for Hebrew and .@*1241 for Greek.
  17. Lxx/Hebrew equivalents

    Yes, following these menu choices:

    Resources/Parallel Hebrew-LXX
    Find LXX/Hebrew equivalents (3rd icon on menu bar)
    Type yhwh in the box for the Hebrew lemma and kurios in the box for the...
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    Popups in Canticles

    It's working fine for me.
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    I was wondering too

    I've been wondering the same thing; a fairly busy forum practically goes quiet?
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    ...the suffix נּוּ- (cont.)

    I had already tried both ways:

    Couldn't quite figure out how to make sure I was looking only at the suffix נּוּ- in WTM--maybe there's a way to search with references to the energetic nun?

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    Searching for the suffix נּוּ-

    How do I conduct a search for the suffix נּוּ- (with dagesh and pointing) to disambiguate which are 3ms and 1cs?
  22. Like this idea

    I like this idea of grouping the the versions in the browse window.
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    Nota Bne

    And that's my own preference too. I've been using NB from about version 5 or so, and using it nicely alongside Bible Works. Certain tasks still force me to use MS Word, which in general reminds me of...
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    Macro to toggle smart quotes

    Actually, when I still used MS Word, I made three macros, each attached to an available Fn key:

    Hebrew: This one turns off smart quotes and selects the BW Hebrew font.
    Greek: This one turns off...
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    smart quotes and qammets

    To type several of the Hebrew characters, you need to turn of smart quotes in MS Word while typing.
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