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  1. Crossover for Mac

    I've had a good experience with Crossover. It's not difficult to install and you can try it as a Trial version. You download and install it from Run Microsoft Windows software on Mac, Linux and...
  2. Looking for copies of Hebrew Grammar by Weingreen

    Hello everyone.

    If anyone is looking to sell individual modules they purchased, I am looking to purchase copies of Hebrew Grammar by Weingreen to use in BibleWorks.


  3. Thank you, Mike!

    Thank you, Mike!
  4. BibleWorks working on Windows 11


    Assuming you are referring to BibleWorks 10, I have had no issues with BibleWorks on Windows 11. See screenshot below. Also, if you experience any issues after you upgrade to Windows 11, you...
  5. BibleWorks supplement

    For deep study of the biblical languages, Accordance hands down, It's search functionality is phenomenal. Logos can do more basic things but not to the extent that Accordance can. The focus of...
  6. Legitimate BibleWorks copies for sale

    QUICK UPDATE: As of today I have no more copies for sale. I'm glad some people were helped.



    I was able to accumulate a decent amount of legitimate BibleWorks copies I...
  7. Generate a list of all the lexical forms in the Greek NT

    Is it possible to generate a list of all the lexical forms in the Greek NT iusing BibleWorks? Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Defeating the pirates

    Brother Mike.

    I have a quick idea. I have seen some of the ones you are referring to on Ebay. One possible solution to discourage them is to copy the picture from their auction and post your own...
  9. Using Bibleworks on Mac OS Catalina with Crossover for Mac

    Bibleworks will work on Catalina using Crossover for Mac. I purchased it for a friend and it is working for him. The only thing is iy will require a reinstall of Bibleworks after you install it. ...
  10. Lots to like!

    So far, I love the new color schemes, interface flexibility, screen scaling, and forms tab. As I use it I know I will find more. Lots of good refinements throughout and runs great on my Surface...
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