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    Thank you!

    Very helpful explanation. Although I couldn't figure out the first suggestion or couldn't make it work, I was able to add the interlinear toggle to change it! Really appreciate it and hope you and...
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    Problems with a Greek lexicon

    I have three different Greek translations in my Browse window, but one of them is strange and I can't fix it. Can anyone help me please? Here is what it looks like:

    BGM 1 Corinthians 6:20...
  3. Hallelujah! My BW10 now works on my new MacAir with Catalina!!!

    The people at Crossover have been so helpful! When I ran into problems using crossover to install the BW10 IOS, they went onto my computer and installed it very quickly! Now I have a working BW10...
  4. I tried to copy the message I get, but it did not...

    I tried to copy the message I get, but it did not copy. It says:

    No preview available .

    Download . Connect more apps

    Try one of the apps below
    Copy URL to Google...
  5. Not allowing me to open :

    No preview available


    Connect more apps...
  6. And thank you, Fantomas, for explaining all this!...

    And thank you, Fantomas, for explaining all this! I'll just keep working on it! Learning lots! That's for sure.

    Another gentleman from Codeweavers, Ryan, has found a way to install the BW10...
  7. Downloading the BW10

    Thank you, John, for that link to download BW10 :

    Click on the link below. On the page that appears click on the download button in the center of the page. The file is very big. It may take...
  8. Dvd?

    Hi Fantomas,

    When you say, "Just download the DVD here:

    Are you talking about the same thing as: BW10 DVD
  9. Still trying to get BW10 to install on a Mac w/ Catalina using CodeWeavers crossove

    If you guys were writing in ancient Hebrew, it would be no harder to understand than the computer language you are using in English! (I don't speak Hebrew!).

    Someone wrote: "connect to BW10 DVD...
  10. Catalina, BW10 and Crossover - not installing - continued

    Is it possible that my jump drive is BW9 and then when BW10 came out, they simply had me upgrade it with an online download, so that I could try installing it as a BW9? Does anybody know?
  11. CodeWeavers CrossOver Beta3 - Not installing!

    I downloaded the Crossover Beta3 and then used it try to install my BW10 on my MacBook Air with Catalina OS. First it asked me which program I wanted to install: Bible Works (Legacy) or Bible Works...
  12. Catalina and crossover

    I thought crossover was designed to allow windows versions to work on a Mac, but I have a Mac version of BW10 that I want to make work with Catalina. Will crossover work with Mac programs which...
  13. Using Crossover with Catalina

    Thank you for this info! I am still in Mojave because I don't want to lose access to my BW. So can I sign up for Beta testing for Crossover, set it up and THEN upgrade to Catalina, or do I have to...
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    Can Macversion of BW be used on a Chromebook?

    Since I have a Macbook and will not be able to use my BW (Mac version) if I install the new Catalina OS, can I get a Chromebook PC laptop and install BW with my Mac program, or what do I do to use BW...
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    Continuing BW with Catalina by purchasing Parallels

    I have held off updating my MacBook to Catalina precisely so that I do not lose my BW. I can't imagine selling or getting rid of it. It is so excellent (and I don't even know how to use most of...
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