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  1. Dear Mike

    Mike, I (we) are sure that your heart is broke (as you say) way more than ours. I trust that you (and all the BWs people) had their reasons and it was horrible to make the decision. We feel for you...
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    BW search question

    I am relatively new to BW and am still having some issues with Greek searches. I am sure this will be a very basic question, but I will ask anyway.

    I want to search the NT for the exact for the...
  3. Greek Search Question

    I am new to BW, so thanks for your patience.

    Here is what I am trying to search for:

    Def. art (any case, gender num) followed by any noun followed by any anarthrous participle (that is, all...
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    Dead Sea Scrolls in Hebrew

    I am just about to buy Bible Works but I have a question: I know that BW 8 provides the DSS in English but does it have a DSS Hebrew module as well? If not, does any one know of a plan to get this in...
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