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  1. Figured it our

    Well, I figured it out. FAT32 will not allow me to copy the large 17GB file. So, I simply reformatted it to NTSF and, wallah, it copied over fine. I stuck this in my own thread just in case someone...
  2. BibleWorks 10 Install Files WON"T copy to my 32gb empty USB Drive

    Every time I try to copy the BibleWorks install files to my 32GB brand new and newly formatted USB Drive, I get an error message that says Data 2 and Data 3 files are too large for the Drive. There...
  3. Replies

    How do you Install this to BW9?

    I have searched this Forum and Google and cannot find HOW to install this User Database to my BW9. Sorry if I searched wrong and it is already somewhere on this Forum.
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