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    Bibleworks 9 coming out?

    I noticed the price increase for Bibleworks 6 in August 2010. Is there going to be a new Bibleworks version in August 2010?
  2. Copy Greek from Logos Commentary to Bibleworks Search

    I want to highlight some greek from the New International Greek New Testament Commentary in Logos and have Bibleworks search on that greek; however, when I try to copy paste, the characters do not...
  3. Thread: Bdag

    by roblumba

    Hyperlink to Early Church Fathers true or false?

    So I've read mixed information on this subject. Does the Bibleworks hyperlink to the material in the Early Church Fathers or not?
  4. Commentaries

    I can understand not wanting to hear a sermon of just commentary quotes, but it's starting to sound like you guys are falling off the horse on the other side.

    Learning from commentaries has good...
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