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    No worries

    My concern, as Lee mentions, was the hosting service not allowing the BW website to use the service any longer.

    I have downloaded the iso file that was made available on 7/16/2018.
    That will...
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    Internet Censorship

    As many of you are probably aware, some "high tech" business giants such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., as well as credit card service providers, and others, have been censoring content on websites, or...
  3. Download activity

    The download activity in regard to the final .iso file, will probably not follow the download activity pattern of the past. Mike will post a message that he has placed the .iso file for download, and...
  4. final BW10 iso with all uodates applied

    The original BW10 iso file I have is about 17.6 GB (from 2015). Mike Bushell says there will be a final BW10 iso with all updates applied available on the BibleWorks website in July, and will be...
  5. Sticky:

    Will the be maintained after BibleWorks closing?

    Will the be hosted indefinitely (who pays the bill)?
  7. Stay bold

    The comments above by Michael Bushell and these:

    The point is that I still need BibleWorks myself and as long as, by Godís grace, I draw breath and have half a brain, it will be maintained and...
  8. Poll: Open Source

    I would love to see BibleWorks continue as an open source project. But, there are licensing issues and the problem of finding the right people to manage the open source project ongoing. The wrong...
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