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    so good

    Since doing a 2nd install of my Windows 7 yesterday (even though I was upgrading Vista, which had come on my system 2 1/2 years ago, it wouldn't allow me to activate W7 unless I did so), I have had...
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    I've seen the same duplicate update entries...

    I've seen the same duplicate update entries myself, in the course of re-installing (more than once), while trying to get the font problem I have in Windows 7 resolved (which, unfortunately, hasn't...
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    Soxfan, I thought of that. :o When I posted my...

    Soxfan, I thought of that. :o When I posted my problem here at the Forum last night, I also sent the same message to BW Customer Support (the e-mail address you gave).

    SkipB, once this current...
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    Font trouble for BW8 in Windows7

    After installing Windows 7 earlier this week (with which I've been otherwise pleased), I have had some problems with BW8.

    I had set the Greek to a font size of 30, and I have twice (it worked OK...
  5. Thanks! I hadn't seen the earlier post

    Thanks, Scott. I had looked, but not thoroughly enough, to see if this had been addressed earlier. No surprise that the brothers at BibleWorks had already checked this out. :)
  6. MS Windows 7 compatibility with BW 8, 7....

    I currently use MS Vista as my OS and it works fine for me with BibleWorks 8.

    Has the BW staff yet tested BW 8 with Microsoft Windows 7, which will come into general use late next month? I have...
  7. misspelled confessions

    Also (and this is very far from the important needs).....
    I think it should be spelled the Canons of Dordt (not Dort)
    the Heidelberg (not -burg) Catechism.:rolleyes:
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    Impatient or boring

    I must be impatient or boring :rolleyes:. Since each time I open BibleWorks I've been so eager to get to using it, I've always disabled the splash screen. Now I see what I've been missing!
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    I have just installed the most recent X-Refs...

    I have just installed the most recent X-Refs update (which says "Oops"), and I can now access the X-Refs again. :D The WCS part is still empty (saying [No data for this verse] when I know there...
  10. Dear Ken, I'm not sure to what you refer ....

    Dear Ken, I'm not sure to what you refer . When I go to Resources, then Backgrounds, there are 4 resources, by Charles, James, Schaff, and Rodkinson. I don't think any of these have been or will...
  11. Yes, I have and have loaded them (and they still...

    Yes, I have and have loaded them (and they still don't work :o). See my "X-Refs not working thread."
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    A little while ago I checked for any newer...

    A little while ago I checked for any newer updates. I saw 2 new ones, x and y. Both had descriptions, with the x (appropriately enough) referring to items being put into the X-Refs (You're right,...
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    X-Refs not working

    Dear BibleWorks staff, (it seems like a type of lovely irony, as I have been asking for a particular feature in the X-Refs, but.....)

    Since applying this afternoon's 8.0.005v and w updates,...
  14. false or sinful Christians

    Dear brainout, I'm sorry to have misunderstood you. Yes, I agree with you that pirating of copyrighted material is wickedly sinful (as virtually all users of BW know).

    I think that, just as there...
  15. laborer is worthy of his hire

    Dear brainout, I hope that I am misreading :confused: what you've written, and that you are simply writing a 'tongue-in-cheek' response to what Sansom48 wrote.....

    if not......Please recognize...
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    I too was wondering about the "beta" reference. I...

    I too was wondering about the "beta" reference. I had gone ahead and downloaded it, assuming it was safe and legit (gullible, aren't I? :o).
  17. Thanks for the offer, Pasquale. From what...

    Thanks for the offer, Pasquale.

    From what Michael Bushell said above ("We will soon be adding the Westminster Standards reformatted as indexed BW resources. I can't say when though. Our plates...
  18. What is this Westminster Standards request about?

    Dear Trajan, I'm glad you're asking about the details of what I'd like to see in BibleWorks. :)

    Yes, the Westminster Standards (the Confession of Faith, the Shorter and Larger Catechisms)...
  19. if wishes were horses....

    Brothers, it's a dangerous thing for a fellow like me to ask for a particular feature or tweak. Someone might mistake me for someone volunteering....

    I have no computer programming...
  20. -Works.....

    Michael H. (not Michael Bushell, from whom I still hope to hear a response to my 2nd e-mail :)), as adjunct tools, supplements to the text, I'd be happy to see all manner of Protestant (though a...
  21. ....and M'Cheyne?....

    Michael, thank you so much for the reply. As I said, it looked like the empty WCS is waiting to be filled with info. :D

    Also, as I had said to Edward on the phone, I'd love to see the other...
  22. the WCS in the X-Refs....and M'Cheyne for Daily Readings

    As I poke about my new BW8 (and get my initial settings in place), I see that the TSK is now accessed by way of the X-Refs (a kind of X-Files, eh?). As I look at the drop-down options, I see the last...
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    Oh frubjous day!!

    Like the "beamish boy" in Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, I "chortle" in my joy:

    "Calooh, callay, oh frubjous day!"
    as my copy of BW8 has just arrived!

    Good things come to those who wait, even...
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    BW8 News Flash!

    Minutes after muttering, yea, almost grumbling :o, I have gotten an e-mail saying that my BW8 DVD has shipped.

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    I keep muttering to myself (kicking myself for...

    I keep muttering to myself (kicking myself for not having seen and taken advantage of the expedited shipping option...):

    "Good things come to those who wait,
    Good things come to those who...
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