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    Sticky: Further word on 64 bit installer?

    I am also interested as to whether there is any news on when a 64 bit version will come out. So many of us appreciate the work you have done on this software, and many of us don't really want to...
  2. Thanks!

    That sounds great guys. Thanks for replying. I'll back up everything and give it a go, then. :-)

    One question: do I have to re-install BibleWorks, or should I just be able to run the macOS Sierra...
  3. does BibleWorks 10 work on the new macOS Sierra?

    I am fairly new to BibleWorks as a regular user, and I am really enjoying the program.

    I run it on a Macbook Air (2015 model), and it runs very well. I am presently running El Capitan, and my...
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