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  1. Issue resolved

    Good Day,

    So I solved my problem.

    As you mention, I recall when I downloaded the media originally that there was a note recommending that I keep a backup copy. I was sure I had, but couldn't...
  2. How can I download and install BW 10 on a new machine?

    Good Day!

    I was saddened to hear about BWs closing. I've used BW for many years, and have always appreciated the good work that you folks have done.

    Now I find myself in a predicament. I just...
  3. Will do. As this was my first post to the forum,...

    Will do. As this was my first post to the forum, it wouldn't let me create new posts. I think I can now.

    I was referring to BW 10.

  4. With the recent news, how do I install BW on a machine I just bought?

    Good Day,

    I too was shocked to hear of the closing of Bibleworks. I've been a happy user for many years. I'm sad to see you go.

    With that said, it appears that the closing has come at a most...
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