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  1. Thread: Modul Kau

    by ETC

    Translated via googletranslate

    Dear Bibleworker,

    I have the module (KAU) for

    Study translation NT (2020) - with exegetical notes
    © Gerhard Kautz

    created. I am happy to send the module to anyone who is...
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    I also contacted you via your profile

    Thank you, @now john, for that offer. I've contacted you.
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    Downloaded .iso file is correct. What to do next?

    The file downloaded fine. I checked the hash code for BibleWorks10rev6.iso, and it's df2034cd43118dcb03126c8d414adbd3, which is what was reported as the correct hash code at this link:...
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    BW10 seems frozen, can't do anything with it

    Hi, I'm using BibleWorks on Windows 10 Home. Windows 10 is running in a VirtualBox virtual machine within a Mac. I've had it running this way since the beginning of my using BW (maybe v....
  5. Poll: How about open source base code and a non-profit organization for licensing?

    How about open source base code and everything BW owns the copyright to and a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers for processing licensing?
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    If only one user will ever use it at one time, BW can be installed on more than 1 PC

    When I ran the German text through, this is what I got:

    I found the following excerpt here:

    a. You may:
    i. use...
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    Probably won't work then

    Thanks, Mark, for the clarification. Probably what I have won't work then. John Phillips' works are not listed on that page. (Phillips' widow very graciously gave me the CD in 2011.) I'd probably...
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    Can WORDsearch 8 resources be added to BibleWorks 10?

    I have a CD with WORDsearch 8 files and "The Complete Phillips Collection" by John Phillips. I would like to install that disk so that I can access these commentaries in BW10. Is that possible?
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    I agree with a lot of what you said

    I agree with a lot of what you said, David. I realize all of that about the KJV,and I agree that it's likely a lot of the translators' decisions were influenced by how it sounded (when they thought...
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    Here's why I'd like English morphological tagging

    Here's why I'd like English morphological tagging:

    I'd like to be able to look up certain morphological tags in Greek, and then get a report of the various morphological forms with which it is...
  11. Thank you, David.

    Thanks, David,

    I'll try to work with this next week and see what I can come up with. Interesting about the widely divergent numbers of hits between the texts. Hmmm.

  12. Finding participles and imperatives in same verse or sentence

    I want to find all instances where there is a Greek participle in the same verse with an imperative (maybe "in the same sentence" would be better, but I think the search would get complicated).
  13. Thank you!

    Thank you!
  14. Thank you, Pasquale, for the detailed procedure....

    Thank you, Pasquale, for the detailed procedure.

    I'm sure your approach is a lot better than anything I'd thought up so far. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to put this on hold for a while since...
  15. Glenn Weaver from BW support has provided more...

    Glenn Weaver from BW support has provided more valuable information. I'm posting it so that it'll be available for others and so that I can find it again the next time I need to do this :)

  16. Thanks, Glenn! Thanks for helping me with my...

    Thanks, Glenn!

    Thanks for helping me with my newbie questions on this.

    It's good to know that I must not use Embedded notes, but End notes. I have read chapter 66 of the Help more than once,...
  17. Inserting spaces around {embedded note} does not help

    I got to thinking that maybe the problem was because the {embedded note} in the .txt file did not have spaces around it on both sides. So I changed Mt 1:9 in the source .txt file.

    As can be seen...
  18. Thank you, Mark!

    @Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman

    Thank you very much for those links. The Unicode to BWGRKL font macro linked on your site (it's by John Kendall and it's downloadable here:...
  19. Here's what BibleWorks support said

    I asked BW support about this and got this answer:
  20. Creating User Greek database (module) from UTF8 Unicode text

    Hi, I'm trying to make my first BW database (user Bible module), which is the unaccented Greek WH text from 1881. (The one in BW is from 1885. I want to use WH1881 to compare with the TR and with...
  21. Donald, you're absolutely correct. Maybe there...

    Donald, you're absolutely correct.

    Maybe there should be some kind of flag or something to say that automatic version difference is on. I'm not too-color oriented and am color blind to some...
  22. Is there really a difference here? (Mark 15:18 SCR vs. WHT)

    Tools > Viewing the Text > Parallel Versions Window

    When comparing SCR and WHT, BW10 is showing that βασιλεῦ in the two different texts differs.


    I, however, don't see a difference. When...
  23. Thank you, Mark. I was trying to avoid the need...

    Thank you, Mark. I was trying to avoid the need to "eyeball" it and have the detail work done by the program. However, what you suggested is an option.
  24. I'll try that.

    Thank you, Jim, for a helpful response. I'll try the one-verse-at-a-time method as soon as I have time.

    I appreciate your help!
  25. Compare different verses of parallel passages (i.e., harmony of gospels)

    I would like to, for example, compare the Scrivener's (SCR) text for Mark 15:20 with the Scrivener's text for Matthew 27:31 (it's the parallel passage). I would like BW to highlight the differences. ...
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