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  1. I've lost parallel versions toolbars on each version. Help!

    in the parallel versions configurations, I've lost the heading toolbars for each. Functions such as drop down book, ch, verse; change version; show version notes, etc are gone. Can anyone advise...
  2. BW10 won't restart from erroneous previous closing

    I closed BW10 yesterday with a restart for my new laptop and when I tried to restart it this morning I got an error popup message and note of a BW1000_lastcrash file generated in program files...
  3. Reply

    - thanx Jim. I'm a lot happier now! Tom
  4. Hebrew parashah & Haftarah outline & references in WTT, other files

    I've just installed BW10 after several (genrally happy) years of using BW9. I am surprised that the WTT Hebrew Bible text and the TNK English (JPS 1985) files use someone's generic outlines headings...
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