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    Thank you, BibleWorks staff!

    I know you have been swamped...I know! If you didn't make such a good product, with a great reputation, you wouldn't have this problem, ya' know?!? :D

    Anyway, after I sensed the overwhelming...
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    June 15 is getting closer...

    I know the BW staff is swamped. I'm thankful they are doing their best to help us all and to assist new users like me.

    Perhaps this has already been answered in another thread. If I understand...
  3. Thanks, David! I'm really wanting to go ahead...

    Thanks, David! I'm really wanting to go ahead and get the HALOT. I have the BDAG in Logos. I figured it would take awhile to get acquainted with BW, but what I was hoping to notice pretty quickly...
  4. Thanks, Mike. I'll do just that.

    Thanks, Mike. I'll do just that.
  5. Turnaround time on a recent BW10 media order

    I have always, in the back of my mind, thought I would purchase BW at some point. That point occurred when I heard that BW was closing down and that the price was discounted. I had to get in on...
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