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  1. David,

    Was looking at your thread with "Adelphos" -- I'm sure you're seen this by now, but he has a real bent against anyone who's not exactly like him, which Lord willing, is everyone. His website even has articles condemning Michael Burnell and and the rest of the BW team for even publishing papers that seem to discredit orthodox Christianity. They are "Complicit in blasphemy" as he says ( His article by the same name opens thus:

    "That Mike Bushell, the owner of Bible Works, was a coward, and unregenerate, and an idolater, I already knew, as his capitulation to Rome, and his coziness with liberal Biblical scholarship, had been a long time in full bloom."

    Now, I know neither Mike nor Scott (aka "Adelphos"), but Scott's character is evident in his writings. Not only will you not win, you'll get painted as yet another heretic (see references to Dale A. Brueggemann in Scott's article).

    All that being said, it's nice to see someone who will have the patience to attempt to correct him in a reasonable manner.

    -- Richard
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