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  1. Greetings!
    Trying to create external links from BW8 to Logos4.
    Here's the thread:
    Your earlier javascript trick to convert book chapter verse to #.#.# looks like it will work. I don't know javascript, but I can figure out to change LDLS to Logos4 and correct the command context so that it uses #.#.# instead of the book chapter:verse. (Ie, I changed the space and colon to periods. I also dropped the [en] as noted in the thread.)
    For some reason, however, it wants to keep opening up Logos3 instead of Logos4. I've checked my registry and the libronixdls.lbxapplication does point to Logos4.
    If you have time, I'd very much appreciate if you know how to fix this script.
    Thanks so much.
    Mark Hoffman
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