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  1. To many characters, had to divide message:
    BW8 now uses the SBL unicode.
    And, already owning BW7, I ordered direct from BW in the US and only paid the upgrade price instead of the new price I'd have to pay at Koorong, so saved a bundle.
    Finally, I did this in June, just before tax time, so was able to claim it straight away. I suppose you could call it part of uncle Kevin's "stimulus money"!
    Did I "need" BW8? No. I could live quite happily without it. However, the improvements in teh software, the added capabilities, the new options have made it worthwhile.
  2. Hi Greg,

    The benefits of BW* as against BW7, for me, were:

    The addition of certain Language helps, which previously had to be purchased:
    A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew, 2006 edition (Paul JoŁon, S.J. and Takamitsu Muraoka)
    Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament (Wallace)
    An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Waltke & OíConnor) <LI class=newItem>Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament (Moulton & Milligan)

    The inclusion of certain classic reference works:

    <LI class=newItem>Charles, Old Testament Pseudepigrapha English translation <LI class=newItem>Early Church Fathers (with, by the way, all Scriptural references tagged to appear when you roll the mouse over them - a big help)
    I have also found the new "Related Verses Tool" helpful - in that it finds other verses with the same words, and lists them for you. Great for finding parallels.
  3. Hi Jim, I am also from Australia. I'd be interested to know what you saw as the benefits of BibleWorks8 over BibleWorks 7. So come on, give a bloke a reason to spend some money! :-)
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