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  1. Ruben,

    One other thing. My last post brought to mind the following: Logos now has the NICOT/NICNT commentary in the last days of "Pre-pub." I don't know if you're at all familiar with this series, but, in my own humble opinion, it is one of the best conservative, evangelical commentary series available. Plus, it is a good exegetical commentary series. The Pre-pub price is over $1100.00. Once it comes off Pre-pub, it will go up to its regular price of over $1800.00. The Pre-pub price is undoubtedly a great deal when weighed next to what will be its eventual, regular price. But, alas, I am a pastor on a very tight budget. And there is no way that I could even begin to afford the series even at the $1100.00 price. It is a shame that bible study software would be priced so high that those who need it most (expositors, pastors, preachers, bible teachers) are precluded from obtaining/purchasing it.

    Anyway, sorry for my soapbox rant. Once again, thanks for your reply.

    In Messiah,

  2. Hey Ruben,

    Thanks for the reply. I just discovered it today, by coming back to your page. I think you did it wrong; your reply should have showed up on my page, but it didn't. It is only by the stroke of fortune that I came back to visit your page that I discovered your reply to me (not that I believe in "fortune," by the way!). At any rate, all's well that ends well. Thanks for the reply. Gracias!

    By the way, just for your information, Logos actually has a stripped down version of the Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible (SESB), which they call 'The SESB for Logos Users.' As opposed to the $300.00 sticker price for the full-blown program (SESB), the 'Logos Users Edition' only costs $159.00. This is what I ultimately opted for. Unfortunately, I am on a budget.

  3. Hey Ruben, please forgive me for this unsolicited message. But I recently got an e-mail from Logos about the new release of their SESB (Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible) version 3.0. I'm considering it, but $300.00 + is a lot for me. The pastorate was probably not the most lucrative career I could have chosen. At any rate, the Logos details page for SESB version 3.0 has a quote from your review. When I went to, I found that your review was really about the first release, NOT the current one. I just wanted to know if you were still high on the SESB. And, is it something worth shelling out $300 for? I would be ever so grateful for your response. Thanks much.

    Irving Salzman
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