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08-03-2005, 01:15 PM
Dear BW-Staff and BW-User!

I’m looking for a way to have cross references in an own bible version (like these in the NAS) and an own catechism version (like these in the WCS). In these versions are the cross references in the smaller right part of the auto-info window. And with a click on a bible verse in this part the full text of this verse appears in the bigger left part of the auto-info window.

But if I take the original NAS-code of Gen 1:1-2 (see below) and make an “new” version I can only see the cross references in the right part of the auto-info window, but with a click on such a cross reference verse happens nothing. What’s wrong?

Gen 1:1 <Ra>In the beginning <07225> <Rb>God <0430> <Rc>created <01254a> the heavens <08064> and the earth <0776>. { <p><rsup>a</rsup> Psa 102:25; Isa 40:21; Joh 1:1, Joh 1:2; Heb 1:10 <p><rsup>b</rsup> Psa 89:11; Psa 90:2; Act 17:24; Rom 1:20; Heb 11:3 <p><rsup>c</rsup> Job 38:4; Isa 42:5; Isa 45:18; Rev 4:11 }

Gen 1:2 And the earth <0776> was <N1><Ra>formless <08414> and void <0922>, and <Rb>darkness <02822> was over <05921> the <N2>surface <06440> of the deep <08415>; and <Rc>the Spirit <07307> of God <0430> <Rd>was <N3>moving <07363b> over <05921> the <N2>surface <06440> of the waters <04325>. { <p><nsup>1</nsup> Or, [a waste and emptiness] <p><nsup>2</nsup> Lit., [face of] <p><nsup>3</nsup> Or, [hovering] <p><rsup>a</rsup> Jer 4:23 <p><rsup>b</rsup> Job 38:9 <p><rsup>c</rsup> Psa 104:30; Isa 40:13, Isa 40:14 <p><rsup>d</rsup> Deu 32:11; Isa 31:5 }

Can someone help me? THANKS!