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Michael Hanel
07-29-2005, 03:09 PM
Now keep in mind I have read the latest Harry Potter book already (if that makes me a child of Satan, please don't continue reading my post, I'll only corrupt you more). But I just finished reading the best book of the summer, A History of New Testament Lexicography by John A. L. Lee in the Peter Lang series Studies in Biblical Greek. The book is 400 pages, about half of which is his prose and the other half is case studies of lexical entries. Has anyone else read this one and any reactions? All I can say is that Lee effectively shows how electronic databases (if you will) are the future of lexicography and so I think it shows the importance of programs like BibleWorks, but it also means that just as it is important to have programs through which textual analysis is necessary, it's also important to have texts available to be analyzed. Someone else on the main zone mentioned access to TLG via BibleWorks, which would definitely be something good (though it sures sounds like a pipedream) but in the meanwhile perhaps users could hypothesize ways to make more texts available for other users? Is it possible for a community to be established to go to Migne or some other source and make these works available in an electronic format? I know the refrain will be that there are already ways to get these texts (Migne is online for instance, but as far as I know it must cost a lot because my Seminary library refuses to pay for its service) and so it would be foolish for people to work at this, but it seems to me that if no one ever does do it for the sake of others we'll end up paying through the teeth at some time or another.......

thoughts on Lee's book welcome and the project of making more texts available?

which also reminds me of this link http://www.bibles.org.uk/pdf/bibles/00README.shtml If you haven't ever seen this site, check it out, it might make your mouth water.....