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Pere Casanellas
07-04-2005, 11:18 AM
I am trying to have a list of all the Aramaic words in the following documents of Qumran using the Word List Manager: 1Q20; 1Q21; 1Q23 ; 1Q24; 1Q32; 2Q24; 2Q26; 4Q156; 4Q157; 4Q196; 4Q197; 4Q199; 4Q201; 4Q202; 4Q203; 4Q204; 4Q205; 4Q206; 4Q207; 4Q208; 4Q209; 4Q210; 4Q211; 4Q212; 4Q213; 4Q213a; 4Q213b; 4Q214; 4Q214a; 4Q214b; 4Q242; 4Q243; 4Q244; 4Q245; 4Q246; 4Q318; 4Q339; 4Q342; 4Q343; 4Q344; 4Q345; 4Q346; 4Q460; 4Q529; 4Q530; 4Q531; 4Q532; 4Q533; 4Q534; 4Q535; 4Q536; 4Q537; 4Q538; 4Q539; 4Q540; 4Q541; 4Q542; 4Q543; 4Q544; 4Q545; 4Q546; 4Q547; 4Q548; 4Q549; 4Q550; 4Q550a; 4Q550b; 4Q550c; 4Q550d; 4Q550e; 4Q552; 4Q553; 4Q554; 4Q554a; 4Q560; 4Q561; 5Q15; 6Q8; 11Q10; 11Q18.

If I copy this list into the Verse Range box of the WLM, the program cuts the list after 4Q339 (the list ist too long).

I have also tried to use dashes (ranges) to abbreviate the list: 1Q20; 1Q21; 1Q23 ; 1Q24; 1Q32; 2Q24; 2Q26; 4Q156; 4Q157; 4Q196; 4Q197; 4Q199; 4Q201 - 4Q214b; 4Q242 - 4Q246; 4Q318; 4Q339; 4Q342 - 4Q346; 4Q460; Q529 - 4Q550e; 4Q552 - 4Q554a; 4Q560; 4Q561; 5Q15; 6Q8; 11Q10; 11Q18.
But then the program crashes (it seems that it only admits ranges for the Biblical books, not for Qumran).

So I have cut the first above list in three parts in order to obtain three different word lists and afterwards merge them using the WLM (after deleting common words). But in this case I lose the information on frequency... Does anybody know whether there is a better way to do this list?
Thanks in advance.

Pere Casanellas
Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

07-05-2005, 12:55 PM
I am trying to have a list of all the Aramaic words...Greetings Pere,

I am not sure if this is what you are trying to do, but if you are in the Word List Manager, you can get a list of all Aramaic Words in the QSM by doing a search on the QSM (morphological version) and in the filter field (under "Other options") type *%*. This looks for all words that are in Aramaic (designated by a "%" rather than a "@" which designates Hebrew words) with any morphological code following. If you uncheck the "Keep Morph Codes" option and check-off the "Keep Greek accents and Hebrew vowel points" option, you can then generate a dictionary. Unfortunately, the dictionary is limited only to those Aramaic words that occur in the Old Testament (or those that occur in BW's various Hebrew dictionaries—TWOT, HALOT, BDB.

I heartily agree with your suggestion to include CAL and the QSM glosses as dictionaries in the WLM (see thread, "WLM and lexicons for Qumran and Targum (http://www.bibleworks.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=930)").

Pere Casanellas
07-05-2005, 04:51 PM
Thanks. I know that I can use the very useful filter *%*. But in fact I do not want to get the words of all the Aramaic text of Qumran. I would like to exclude some fragmentary texts (about 40), that is to say, to limit the search to the documents in my list.

Pere Casanellas
Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)