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06-28-2005, 09:43 PM
When using a version with lemmas, e.g., GNM Morph, is there a way to export all the lemmas in a selected text? This would be useful to import into a spread sheet.


06-29-2005, 09:35 AM
When using a version with lemmas, e.g., GNM Morph, is there a way to export all the lemmas in a selected text? This would be useful to import into a spread sheet.Is this what you're after?

Mark 1:3
fwnh, fwnh, - nnfsc (noun nominative feminine singular common)
bow/ntoj boa,w - vppagms (verb participle present active genitive masculine singular)
evn evn - pd (preposition dative)
th/| o` - ddfs (definite article dative feminine singular)
evrh,mw| e;rhmoj - ndfsc (noun dative feminine singular common)
e`toima,sate e`toima,zw - vdaa2p (verb imperative aorist active 2nd person plural)
th,n o` - dafs (definite article accusative feminine singular)
o`do,n o`do,j - nafsc (noun accusative feminine singular common)
kuri,ou ku,rioj - ngmsc (noun genitive masculine singular common)
euvqei,aj euvqu,j - anafpn (adjective normal accusative feminine plural no degree)
poiei/te poie,w - vdpa2p (verb imperative present active 2nd person plural)
ta,j o` - dafp (definite article accusative feminine plural)
tri,bouj tri,boj - nafpc (noun accusative feminine plural common)
auvtou/ auvto,j - rpgms (pronoun personal genitive mascIf it is, then there is a very easy way to produce it. To find out how, look in Help | Online Help Topics | Contents | Copying Results | The Report Generator.

The Report Generator enables you to produce list of forms, lemmas and morphological information. It would not be difficult to take this list and put it into tabular format with MSWord.

You may also want to explore the Word List Manager (WLM). With it you can generate a list of lemmas and then produce a dictionary based upon them for any range of verses in a morphological version. See Help | Online Help Topics | Contents | Managing Lists of Words and Verses | The Word List Manager. With it, you produce a report like this:

o` (3 times)

UBS Greek Dictionary:
o` , h` , to, pl. oi` , ai` , ta, the; this, that; he, she, it; tou/ with inf. in order that, so that, with the result that, that

auvto,j (1 times)

auvto,j , h, , o, self, of oneself, even, very; preceded by the article the same; as a third person pro. he, she, it; evpi. to. auvto, together; kata. to. auvto, so the same way; at the same time

boa,w (1 times)

boa,w call, cry out, shout

evn (1 times)

evn prep. with dat. in, on, at; near, by, before; among, within; by, with; into (= ei,j); to, for (rarely); evn tw/| with inf. during, while, as; evn ovno,mati o[ti because (Mk 9.41)

e;rhmoj (1 times)

e;rhmoj , ou f deserted place, uninhabited region, desert
e;rhmoj , on lonely, deserted, uninhabited; desolate

e`toima,zw (1 times)

e`toima,zw prepare, make ready; get everything ready (Lk 9.52)

euvqu,j (1 times)

euvqu,j , ei/a , u, gen. e,wj straight; right, upright
euvqu,j adv. immediately, at once; then

ku,rioj (1 times)

ku,rioj , ou m Lord (of God and Christ); master, lord, owner; sir (of address)

o`do,j (1 times)

o`do,j , ou/ f way, road; journey ( sabba,tou e;con o`do,n a Sabbath day's journey away, i.e. about half a mile Ac 1.12); way of life, conduct; Way (of the Christian faith and life)

poie,w (1 times)

poie,w (unaugmented plpf. 3 pl. pepoih,keisan) make, do, cause, effect, bring about, accomplish, perform, provide; create (of God); produce, yield, bear, put forth; give, prepare, keep, celebrate (of feasts, etc.); claim, pretend (to be somebody); show (mercy, etc.); work, be active; live, practice, act ( kalw/j pÅ do good, act benevolently or kindly); spend, stay (of time); exercise (authority); wage (war); execute (judgment); give (alms); appoint (Mk 3.14; He 3.2); consider, count (Ac 20.24); often with a noun as a verb equivalent, e.g. pÅ de,hsin pray (Lk 5.33); pÅ to. i`kano,n please, satisfy (Mk 15.15); pÅ lu,trwsin redeem, set free (Lk 1.68)

tri,boj (1 times)

tri,boj , ou f path, pathway

fwnh, (1 times)

fwnh, , h/j f voice; sound, note; noise, roar; outcry, cry; language, utterance

06-29-2005, 10:16 PM
Thanks. The WLM is what I needed. BTW, You/su, is the second most frequently used word in the sermon on the mount in Mt. (Of course, the/o` is the most.)