View Full Version : Enhancing Exegesis with BW6.0

06-06-2005, 04:43 PM
One thing I've started adding to my Sermon Exegesis Guide is a very simple step that takes advantage of BW6.0's flashcard module. I simply set the filter in the flashcard module to the passage I'm going to exegete. Before I start my actual translation step I drill myself in the vocabulary I'm rusty on for that passage.

I've been using Gordon Fee's "NT Exegesis" section on Short Guide for Sermon Exegesis. This additional step can be quickly loaded or worked on while waiting on the phone or in my office for someone to respond to me. It helps me feel more confident when working with the Greek NT for provisional translations. I'm so glad we have this new feature.

When I start translating the previous drilling is reinforced by the actual translation. When preaching through a book it seems to help me gain vocab over time. Anyhow, it's one of the ways I've found BW6.0 really helps me in my sermon prep. So instead of treading water in my Greek, I feel like I'm now gaining a stronger grasp of the language.