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05-25-2005, 11:00 PM
Quick question about upgrading BW.

I currently own BW6 (non-upgraded version). Has the policy for BW been to allow upgrading regardless of your original version? Currently, BW 1,2,3 are not eligible for upgrades to BW6, but if an individual had originally purchased BW1 and then upgraded to BW3, would they have been able to upgrade to BW4 (when it was still being released) and then later on to BW6? Or would they be prevented from upgrading to BW4?

I guess I am wondering if I upgrade to BW7 or BW8, if I will be able to upgrade again to BW10+ or will I need to purchase the program outright once more?

Joe Fleener
05-26-2005, 06:49 AM
If my memory serves me correctly, you have always been able to upgrade to versions back.

I.e. You could upgrade directly from 3 to 5 and you can upgrade from 4 to 6. There is a slightly higher cost to the upgrade from 2 versions back rather than just the previous version, but you can do it.

I do not imagine this will change. If so you would be able to go from 6 to 8 (whenever that happens), then 8 to 10, etc.

To upgrade from 3 or more versions back is almost like getting and entirely different program (compare BW 3.0 w/ 6.0!). Therefore, to cover the cost of development it is necessary to require a user in this case to pay the full version cost.