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04-27-2005, 01:57 PM
This is a pretty technical and not very important matter, but...
A) With verbs having a first aorist, the future active indicative and the aorist active subjunctive look the same in the 1st person singular.
B) ouv mh. is most often, by far, followed by an aorist subjunctive, but it can, less commonly, be followed by a future indicative.
C) In Revelation, there are clear instances of ouv mh. used with the Aor Subjn (2.11; 3.3, 12; etc. at least 10x in all), but there are also two instances (9.6 and 18.14) where it is used with the Fut Indic.
D) In Rev 3.5, the text reads ouv mh. evxalei,yw. In light of (A) above, this could be either a Fut Indic or Aor Subj. Both morphological codings (BGM and GNM) identify it as a Fut Indic, but in light of (B) and (C), it would seem to me that it more likely should be read as an Aor Subj. [Compare John 20.25 where ouv mh. pisteu,sw occurs and the verb is parsed as an Aor Subjn.]

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1) Am I missing something or could the verb in Rev 3.5 be either Fut Indic or Aor Subjn?
2) If I'm correct, is there a way in BW that the parsing could at least be identified as either a Fut Indic or an Aor Subjn?
The larger issue for me is simply one of a concern for thoroughness. I.e., I was looking for all the ou mh constructions with Aor Subjn, and it is only by some double checking I found Rev 3.5.

Mark Eddy
04-29-2005, 01:10 PM
I believe you are correct in your analysis. And I would like both possibilities to be displayed as well. But you would have to take it up with Aletti, Gieniusz, and Bushell, to see if they would agree to add it to the Morphology versions.

Mark Eddy