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03-25-2005, 04:19 PM
If I had to remove every single software program from my computer except one, BW is the one program I would keep. And I understand the philosopy of BW pretty well, i.e., that BW is not meant to be a commentary or reference program, per se, but rather concentrates on the original languages and related dynamics, et cetera.

This is as it should be.

Having said that, there are some commentary and reference features that I would like to see implemented if those implementations can be made without too much trouble.

One is the function of displaying automatically the text of a Bible verse when one runs the cursor over a verse reference in the Matthew Henry commentary. An example of this can be seen in eSword's program --


Ergo, in eSword, when one has the Matthew Henry Commentary open, the text of the Bible verse automatically displays when one runs the cursor over that verse reference in the commentary.

I would love to see this same capability in the Matthew Henry Commentary in BW -- IF -- I say -- IF it's not too much trouble. While many consider Matthew Henry archaic, I and many others still find it to be an invaluable and spiritually perceptive resource.

And as I said, even though eSword is a STUPENDOUS program (especially since it's freeware), I wouldn't trade in BW for it any day of the week. I can't praise BW enough. It is absolutely my favorite software program of all time.

But this extra feature would be nice, if it can be implemented without too much extra effort.

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