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S A Wells
03-21-2005, 04:36 PM
Is it possible to have different search limits for two different results windows at the same time?

Scott Wells

Mark Eddy
03-22-2005, 10:27 AM
I tried to do what you suggest, searching consecutively in two different results windows. If you change the limits for one window, those limits remain when you switch to do a search in the second window. So currently, no, you cannot keep different search limits in different windows.

But since you can change limits quickly from the command line, this shouldn't slow you down too much. Typing "l" (lower case L) on the command line removes all limits. Typing "l" followed by a space then the limit you want quickly adds limits. If you have some favorite limits you can easily memorize their abbreviations. Go to "Options" then "Search Limits" then scroll through the "Predefined Ranges". You can also add to or edit those ranges to make abbreviation that are shorter or combine books that are not already combined in a limit.

I think that the search limits stay the same until you change them so that you don't become confused by having a different search limit in different windows. You might forget which window is which. Users have complained before that BW didn't find verses that they knew should be in a search, only to realize that they had set search limits.

I hope you can live with BW search limits they way they are set up.
In Christ,
Mark Eddy