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Richard Perry
03-17-2005, 12:10 PM
Can BibleWorks do this kind of search? Can anyone do it and how much would it cost?

The following four categories were set apart by Dr. Archer that convey important "beyond translation insights":

a) all consecutive perfects. That is, EVERY perfect prefixed with the conjunction, waw. In past or present time these verbs emphasize habitual (protracted) action -- in future time, they set off a narrative/passage, underlining the action as pivotal/of key importance to how the rest of the section progresses/unfolds. We would like a comprehensive liset of these -- and, if possible, how they break out in the two sections: past and present time, and future time.
b) imminetial participles. That is, participles that convey an upcoming action as already in process (underlining God's complete control of the present and the future when referring to Bible prophecies). These are usually tranlated, "I am about to ..." in the NAS.
c) imperfects (without prefixed waw) referring to PAST time (thus underscoring the repeated nature of the action).
d) perfects (without prefixed waw) that are FUTURE referring -- ie are "perfects of certitude"/"prophetic perfects"
(Locating perfects in gnomic statements -- ie generaliztions -- would also be helpful to Bible readers (stressing the precedental element of the statement) -- but these are less critical.
Wouldnt it be great if a computer search could be made of doctoral dissertations/master's theses to see if any of the above categories have already been identified?

Philip Brown
03-17-2005, 12:39 PM
Hi, Richard,

Yes, BibleWorks can do all of those searches. The "imminential particle," which is usually called a futurum instans, requires interpretive decisions on the user's part -- it is not simply a matter of syntax. Same thing is true for the "prophetic perfect."

What does it cost? If you mean the program. It lists for $299.95. If you mean what would it could for someone to do those searches for you, I have no clue. Depends on how valuable a person considers their time.

Hope that's helpful.