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03-09-2005, 11:54 PM
Where can I find a simple and complete step by step explanation on how to take the various add-on files and make them work in my BW6.0 program?

03-10-2005, 08:11 AM
Where can I find a simple and complete step by step explanation on how to take the various add-on files and make them work in my BW6.0 program?
First, nothing can replace reading everything in the Help files in BibleWorks or the Manual about the Version Database Compiler. To read the help files first go to "Help" on the top toolbar in BW6, then select "Online Help Topics." Once the Help files are displayed, click the plus sign (+) next to "Additional Tools" to expand the menu. Then click "Compiling Version Databases" and read everything. This will probably be "too much information" for now, but don't worry, it will help you get familiar with all of the jargon.

In many of the files that have been posted, the "author" has given some specific instructions in the README.txt file (A revised form of the README from Yonge's translation of Philo [PHE] is given below):

To install:
1. Read your BibleWorks manual or help files on the Version Database Compiler thoroughly before proceeding. (In the Help files see: Help | Online Help Topics | Additional Tools | Compiling Version Databases.)

2. Unzip the downloaded files.

3. Copy the unzipped PHE.txt and PHE.ddf files to your C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 6\userdb folder. {{Substitute any of the *.txt or *.ddf files for any particular database at this step.}}

4. Copy the unzipped PHE.bww to your C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 6\databases folder. {{Or any file with a .bww extension.}}

5. Copy the unzipped jmdbooks.bna file to your C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 6\init folder. {{At this point, you would need to either install the associated *.bna file (Book names file).}}

6. Open the PHE.ddf file with the Version Database Compiler. {{Or whatever .ddf file you are wanting to install.}}
a. Go to the top toolbar in BibleWorks, open "Tools."
b. From the drop-down menu, select "Version Database Compiler."
c. Click the "Open" button under box labeled "1. Database Description File (DDF)."
d. Either double-click the phe.ddf file, or type "phe.ddf" in the appropriate field and press enter. (Now, in the Version Database Compiler, you will see all of the settings for PHE.) {{Again, select whatever *.ddf file you want.}}

7. Be sure that there is a check in the box "Install after compiling."

8. Hit the "Compile" button. The PHE database is now installed.

9. In an typical BibleWorks database, the correct "full" names of each individual book of the Bible or work of Josephus will be displayed in the Browse List Box above the Result Window. These "full" names will not show up for PHE unless you add them to your bookname file (*.bna). To install booknames, either copy relevant data from the jmdbooks.bna (unzipped with the rest of the PHE files) to the bna file of your preference, and install, or simply switch to jmdbooks.bna. Read about booknames in the Help Files: Help | Customizing BibleWorks | Options Window | Book Names.

I hope this helps.

03-10-2005, 11:27 AM
I can try to do that. It seems pretty overwhelming. I know everyone is busy, but it would be so cool if there was a section in the updates that would do all this processing automatically for guys like me who are not computer experts.

When I have time I will try to read the compiler section in my manual and on the help section...thank you!


03-10-2005, 12:00 PM
I watched the video and read your instructions. Then was able to successfully download and intall Apostolic Fathers in English! Thank you so much!!!!